Internal Migration and its Impact on Big Cities

Pressure on Civic Institutions

Internal migration generally takes place from rural to urban regions and big cities. The migrant to a large extent consists of poor and unskilled manpower. Such cities are not equipped enough to absorb a huge number of migrants population. The continuous flow of migration to big cities causes unbalancing the size of the urban population. Therefore, the urban system becomes insufficient in relation to the size of the population.

Moreover, a large number of under-employed migrants have very little capacity of income; as such they are forced to live in KatchiAbadies. Pressure on the civic institution to absorb the pressure of the migrant’s population increases manifold as the Local administration has no enough funds to provide basic amenities to such a large number of migrants in the KatchiAbadies in addition to the Metropolitan area. Therefore the urban centers emerge with rising slums, poor sanitation, and shortage of drinking water, shortfall of housing, communication, education, and health-care facilities.

Increase in the Cost of Livings and other basic amenities

Apart from the economical problems for the government, migrants also cause economical problems for the citizens. One of these problems is the ‘increasing cost of living’. Because of the increase in demand owing to the arrival of migrants, house-holders increase the rents, and this damages other citizen’s economy. Not qualified immigrant workers and poorly educated local workers are battling for the same jobs. The crowded immigrant masses fulfill the request of lower-skilled workers; also replace some of the least educated native workers. For this reason, the job facility that the government creates for the local citizens is being used by immigrants. In conclusion, the negative economic impacts of migration on the citizens’ lives are undeniable

Price hiking is a normal trend in economics because when demand is increased and supply is decreased, the price will be high. When internal migrants stay in the recipient areas, they start buying livelihoods and other amenities, which cause an increase in demand for certain essential items. The manufacturers and suppliers immediately evaluate the situation and take certain measures to boost their income by way of creating a temporary shortage of items, which ultimately leads to an increase in the cost of livings and other basic amenities.

Environmental Problem:

The final consequence of migration is the environmental problems that destroy the physical appearance of the city. First and foremost, the human-made part of the cities, structural environment is becoming damaged by the migration. Most importantly, immigrants create unhealthy, illegal houses, ‘the slums’ in and around the city, because they have to shelter with their limited economies.

Unplanned and unhealthy constructions, slums, negatively affect the whole citizens’ lives. Taking all these facts into account, it is clear that slums are the dark sides of the cities that are created by immigrants. Besides, when immigrants destroy the appearance of the city, at the same time, they damage the infrastructure. As stated that the highly increasing population which is caused by migration, extremely increases the value of the lands in the city and this causes illegal settlements without infrastructure around the city. For this reason, illegal settlements should not be allowed by the government and must be checked.

One of these harms can be seen as pollution in the city. As a result of industrialization and urbanization, an increase in the population and migration arise and they have been considered as the reasons for environmental problems. The immigrants became a big mass and started to consume natural resources which cause Pollution-related diseases in the big cities.

These diseases are on the rise due to unbearable levels of pollution in the metropolis, and the majority of people in one way or another are affected by these ailments including cardiac, lung, eye, ENT, skin, and psychological diseases, as per the opinion of the experts. Shortly, the natural life and environment are in danger now and this is a fact that the harming excuses go up every day and one of these excuses is the migratory movement.

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